Let your ideas blossom into useful products.

Electronics enclosures

These are great times for product designers. 3D modeling and rapid prototyping tools are more accessible and powerful than ever and the craziest concepts are now given shape with grin-inducing facility.

An effect of this has been an acceleration of product development and a streamlining of the path to market. The power of large R&D departments now resides under the palm of one hand (and a few fingers of the other, if like me you have hotkeys etched all over your brain).

kayak design

But as we know, with great power comes great responsibility. When it comes to creating tangible goods, there are no shortcuts. Every detail must be scrutinized, every little challenge overcome.

SmartBee powerline monitor

To be successful and profit its creators, a product must not only please its intended audience, it should also be simple to manufacture, assemble and distribute. That’s where a clear mind and stained hands come in handy. Years of experience and lots of direct practical knowledge become serious assets to ensure projects come to terms in a reasonable amount of time.

With experience, creativity shapes both the end product and the design process itself. The sequential steps so often mentioned are gradually allowed to slide and overlap in places, and the workflow gets tailored to the needs of each project. More than ever we designers must adapt our palette to each new project, a bit like the critter pictured on top of this page.

Medical Devices

The intent here is to showcase a small sample of the projects I had the privilege to work on in the last 25 years. I chose them to highlight the eclectic character of my work and convey my design philosophy, but mostly because I am proud to have contributed to such great ideas.

You may find a close example of the type of work you are seeking help for. Or some content may trigger a stream of thoughts and get you out of a rut, who knows? Whatever the reason may be, please do feel welcome to reach out.